About the socks

The Original Foot Alignment Socks are designed to separate, stretch and align your toes to minimize the harmful effects of daily foot stress due to improper, narrow and confining footwear. Daily walking, standing, running, jogging or other activities impose tremendous demand on our feet. There is very little attention or maintenance given to our feet. Usually we just put up with foot pain because there is really nothing wrong with our feet that would require a doctor’s care.

are made of soft cotton and polyester blend. They are lose fitted crew socks that have an open front end with 4 toe separators also made  from  the same material as the socks body. These separators apply a gentle push on your toes to align your toes with the rest of the foot and position them where they should be and nature intended them to be. 

The separators are hand made and precisely controlled for width and length which is very important for achieving the maximum effect of the socks.

Now in your Favorite Colors!  Comes in Red, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Light Gray, Charcoal (for men), Multicolor, the Original Off White and new Green.

Below the toe separators there is an embroidery of a foot (the old version has HAPPY and FEET). It has a purpose. This takes a way a guessing of which sock is the right and which one is the left. The socks are NOT interchangeable. The thickest divider should go after the big toe. Line up the socks that the feet on the embroidery point to each other. (as shown on the back of the package).

Sizes are unisex based on US shoe sizes: SMALL 4-6; MEDIUM 7-9; LARGE 10+. Socks are stretchy and accommodate range of overlapping sizes.
Fiber: 90% cotton, 7% polyester, 3% elastane (Off White a Charcoal: 89% acrylic, 8% polyester, 3% elastane)

Original U.S. patent 7784115B1.


BEWARE OF CHEAP FAKES! Please note that the Original Foot Alignment Socks have always an embroidery of a foot (the old version has HAPPY anf FEET). 
The separators of the fakes do not meet with the specified dimensions and the socks may even hurt your feet. Be careful and buy only the original Foot alignment socks from the official distributors.